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Category: Security

LayerOne 2024 CTF

The Conference The LayerOne conference has been a highlight for me each year since I started hacking and doing security things. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in security, electronics, radio, computers, or anything to do with hacking. It tends to emphasize getting hands on and learning through experience…

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Introducing Neith

A project I’ve worked on for the past month is now online – Introducing Project Neith! About a year ago I while surfing the web, I came across a tool called ‘PowerShell UniversalDashboard’ made by Adam Driscoll. ( It makes creating webapps with PowerShell not only possible, but very easy.…

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Phish Yourself! – A practical guide to running an internal phishing campaign.

Social engineering, in particular through the medium of email, is very likely the greatest threat to an average organization. While 0-days do come around and pose real threats to organizations and many of them do not implement strong patch management programs, phishing is simply easier and more effective for the…

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Recon Part 2 – Fierce, nslookup, and dig

Fierce Fierce is a DNS brute-force scanner which comes bundled with the Kali Linux distro. Since we’re not using Kali let’s get and configure fierce from the github project’s page: First, let’s create a ‘Recon’ folder where we will put our tools. Now that we’ve created our recon folder, let’s…

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