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2022 Paper Group

Last year a few good friends and people from our discord server started up a ‘Paper Group’ where each week a new research paper is selected for us to read and discuss. We all found it to be an enjoyable experience & are continuing it indefinitely. This page will covers…

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2021 Paper Group

A few friends in my discord do a weekly ‘paper’ discussion group (like a book club, but weirder) and I figured it’d be nice to record some comments from the papers & occasionally revisit interesting papers with updates to see if they panned out or not. I put a backlog…

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Simple Email Workflow to Avoid an Overflowing Inbox

Several past roles and my current have placed me in a position where I received obscene amounts of email. Some of those emails are easy to manage – alerts from monitoring systems, subscriptions or expected mail cadences – others are harder to manage – requests from legal to review a…

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