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Introducing Neith

The Egyptian Goddess Neith. Source: Wikipedia

A project I’ve worked on for the past month is now online – Introducing Project Neith! About a year ago I while surfing the web, I came across a tool called ‘PowerShell UniversalDashboard’ made by Adam Driscoll. ( It makes creating webapps with PowerShell not only possible, but very easy.

Since then, I have played around with the idea of using it to make a management dashboard. The dashboard leverages the technology to connect to a variety of sources and provide easy management of them.

Project Neith is the result of that work. The Egyptian Goddess Neith was the creator of the universe and controller of all things. In that context, it is a good name for a dashboard which endeavors to hook in to as many technologies as possible and provides means to view or control critical aspects of them.

The code is still in an alpha state and is available here – I would love to hear of any feature requests, recommendations, questions or to get any PRs! Ultimately, I hope this becomes free resource many companies can use in place of bulky, expensive, and less than satisfying administration and management tools out there which are often restricted to one of a few technologies, require agents to be useful, or can only read SNMP data.

Please check out the code and let me know what you think!

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